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iProtect Teens

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Time to get the ultimate protection for your eyes, and at the same time something that can match your style. Look the coolest when your eyes are protected from harmful lights.

With anti-harmful blue ray, it provides all-day protection against the detrimental effect, high energy, visible blue light, and UV400. It comes in different unique designs and colors, suitable for every teens.

Teens are now living in the digital world, exposed to electronic screens while using computer, iPad, mobile, watching TV, etc. making them vulnerable to headaches, blurry eyes, and other complications.

Worry no more, time to say good bye to these fears, iProtect is here.


Features of iProtect Teens Anti-Blue Light Glasses:

 * Fashion and stylish design.

* Suggested for teens aged 13-18 years old.

* Made with Premium Materials

* Lightweight and scratch resistant: Ultra-light frame material with super toughness, and crashworthiness wear.

* Classic but chic case included, can be the ideal gift for family and friends.

* Its lens are Anti-Blue Light, Anti-Radiation, Anti-UV400, Anti-Reflective, and Anti-Glare

* Lens without magnification and prescription

* Lens can be replaced in your local glasses shop if you need

* Lens is clear with very light yellow, it is because anti-blue light lens need special process

* (Warm Tips: you also can recognize the glasses if it is anti-blue light or not with this feature, without any test tool)


Why should you choose iProtect Teens?

 - Its anti-radiation, anti-glare, and anti-reflective features

- Lenses and frames are lightweight yet still highly physically capable

- The designs are unique

- Better screen viewing and greater clarity

- Reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, and sensitivity to light during long gadget sessions.


Dimension of Glasses’ Frame:

  • Lens height: 44mm 
  • Lens width: 49mm 
  • Frame width: 113mm


✅NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE IN DAYS - With these glasses, you’ll start to notice better screen viewing and greater clarity after just a few days of wearing them.

✅NO MORE TIRED EYES - Reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and sensitivity to light during long computer sessions. Allow your eyes to blink and function naturally. Great for office workers and students or anyone who has to look at a screen all day. Designed for all day comfort with a durable yet flexible frame. Whether you’re catching up on emails after a long day at work, or burning the midnight oil to finish a project - protect your eyes from excessive levels of blue light.

✅NO COLOR DISTORTION - Unlike other glasses, Prospect lenses don’t distort screen colors or have a harsh yellow tint. Our glasses only block the harmful 50% of blue light, while letting the other, harmless 50% through, giving you get the optimal viewing experience without any color distortion.


Suggestion to keep the glasses:


  1. Keep the lens up.
  1. Clean the glasses with a professional cloth, do not use the hand to clean it directly, which can crush the dust and fibers of the glasses and leave scratches.
  1. Avoid chemicals.


Package Include:

(1) Teen’s Anti-Blue Light Glasses

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