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Petnizer Sanitizing Pet Cologne Bundle 1

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Bundle includes one (1) Petnizer Sanitizing Pet Cologne 60ml and one (1) Petnizer Sanitizing Pet Cologne 250ml.

For the Mixed option, kindly indicate in your order notes the quantity for each scent.
(Example: 60ml - Happy Scent, 250ml - Dream Scent)

Your complete protection against bacteria, fungus and viruses. 

Petnizer Sanitizing Pet Cologne
 offers complete protection for you and your pet against viruses, bacteria and fungi found in our environment, preventing infections.

It has amazing properties that can kill up to 97%++ of germs. Laboratory and clinically tested for effectivity on various types of pet skin and fur.

Active Ingredient:

2% Chlorhexidine gluconate 

Other Ingredients:

Pure water, glycerine, propylene glycol, lactic acid, plant extracts and essential oils


  • To disinfect skin, coat and paws
  • To condition skin and coat
  • To prevent spread of germs on harmful surfaces
  • To remove odor caused by urine, feces and more
  • To sanitize pet’s belongings (bed, collar, leash, etc.)



  1. Cover eyes, nose and mouth and spray all over body. 
  2. Spray directly on paws before and after walks and as needed. 
  3. Spray on your pets’ belongings - bed, collar, leash, etc. 
  4. Spray on your hands to remove harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi. 
  5. Spray on your pets before and after any human or animal contact.


Do not use on dogs less than 12 weeks of age.

Do not spray directly on open cuts and wounds. 

Avoid spraying directly on eyes, nose and mouth. 

Keep out of reach of young children.

Safe and Effective

Petnizer is made of safe ingredients and is non alcohol based. Chorhexidine is a known skin antiseptic that kills bacteria and fungus. We have used its known properties and have added it to natural plant extracts to enhance its efficacy creating a product that is both safe and effective for your pet. It can be used topically on dogs, cats, horses and humans too. It may be reapplied as often as needed without any harmful side effects.

Petnizer was tested in a local and foreign laboratory for its sanitizing properties against multiple bacteria, fungus and viruses.  Tested on plastic, real animal skin and fur for its efficacy. Our product begins to kill germs as quick as 5 seconds after application.

Petnizer Sanitizing Pet Cologne Bundle 1



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