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Car Friend Tire Shine (250ML)

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  • ULTIMATE TIRE SHINE - Our unique nano basedformula is like no other tire shine you have tried! Just a few sprays and a quick wipe with our included applicator and your wheel will look slick, wet, dark and looking like you just rolled off the showroom floor!


  • REAL TIRE PROTECTION - Many people use car detailing kits, wheel cleaners, waxes, polishes and all other car accessories but never consider that tires need protection too! Tires are expensive, and you can protect them while making them look good! Our Ultimate Tire Shine will protect your tires from harmful UV rays, salt and other road grime! Make sure to use our wheel cleaner in addition to the tire shine to avoid dry rot and deterioration of your tires and rubber!


  • ADVANCED NANO BASED COATING TECHNOLOGY - Like all our automotive detailing supplies we formulate our products to be the absolute best! We don't believe in extra dyes or harmful scents. We give you pure high quality chemicals you need, with nothing you don't! Our spray is non-toxic and safe for you, your vehicle and the environment!


  • This solution is a protectant to condition the rubber tyre and provide a wet and black look. It makes your wheel attractive with natural shine. The special formula delivers a thin shield on the surface to resist chemicals and penetrates into the rubber and nourish it inside to extend its service life. It also repels muddy water and dust to make it stay longer clean. And its property to resist wash can last for weeks.


Recommended points:
  1. Provide your tire a wet and black look.
  2. Long lasting and brilliant shine.
  3. Condition and protect tire from aging and cracking.
  4. A durable shield lasts for weeks.
  5. Easy and quick application to achieve premium appearance


Steps of Cleaning :
  1. Clean and dry the wheel
  2. Spray some solution on the sponge
  3. Wipe evenly with the sponge on the lateral of the tire
  4. Allow it to dry


Attentions - Warnings
  1. For lateral of tire only.
  2. Do not treat tire in direct sunlight and high temperature.
  3. Recommend to use it every 3 weeks for lasting shine and protection.
  4. Do not swallow. Rinse with plenty of water immediately if in eyes and call the doctor or go to hospital right now with this product if swallowed.
  5. Keep out of reach of children.
  6. Store in a cool and ventilated place avoid direct sunlight.






Car Friend Tire Shine (250ML)



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