The eCommerce landscape in the Philippines has become extremely competitive which makes it difficult for small brands to succeed. Using our 5 years of experience in the eCommerce and paid advertising space, we’ll help you craft a plan that will allow your brand to achieve greater heights! Let’s accelerate your brand. Book a strategy call with us.

Why schedule a strategy call?

One size does not fit all. Each brand is different and we make sure to analyze each and every one to maximize a brand’s full potential. Schedule a session with our team today to uncover the best strategy for your brand.


Small to Medium Direct to Consumer Brands

We help brands that are currently at any of these stages:

Pre-revenue Stage

Brands who haven’t started selling but have a clear direction on their product and cater a big market size.

Initial Revenue Stage

Brands who are gradually producing a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of PHP 250,000 to PHP 500,000.

Growth Stage

Brands who have clear signs of scalability but don’t know how to do it (MRR of PHP1M to PHP2M). Brands who’ve achieved a product-market fit.

How we help

1. Fully Optimized eCommerce Website

Brands can use our built-to-scale eCommerce platform and conversion-optimized product pages which promote a personalized experience.

2. 360° Remarketing Set-up

Our 5 years of experience in eCommerce help us built fool-proof remarketing strategies that maximizes traffic to product pages using SMS marketing, e-mail marketing and paid advertising.

3. Masters at Scaling Paid Ads

We scale ad campaigns without sacrificing performance. We’ll make sure to find the right growth model for your ads to yield positive returns.

4. Offline Strategy Penetration

We amplify online marketing efforts with the help of our sales team. Our team converts customers through calls and texts.

5. Critical Support Network

Onboarded brands will have an end-to-end strategy session every month with the whole team to plan and evaluate data.

6. Custom-fit Methodology

One plan does not work for everyone. That’s why we strive to create unique strategies that will work best for your brand. 


We know what we do

Being in the eCommerce space for the last 5 years, we can confidently say what works and what won’t based on your brand’s results.

Numbers don’t lie

We’ve scaled multiple Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands from 0 to 50M PHP with our strategy.

Your Brand. Our Focus.

Our only KPI is your brand’s success. You can take our word for it.

Performance is our priority

We are a small-brand-friendly platform. We will only charge you based on the results that we can generate. 



Total GMV for the last 4 years


Total Spending in Paid Advertising

10+ brands 

Number of brands we scaled  from 0 to PHP50M


The Man Bar

Acne Soap for Men

Numbers : Sold over 8,000 units within the first 3 months of its first launch.

  • 6 months Pre Pandemic GMV : 8M PHP
  • 6 months from the start of Pandemic : 24M PHP

Strategy: Used the decoy method to persuade customers to buy 3 pcs instead of 1.

  • SRP: 329php + Shipping fee
  • Offer 1: Buy 2 for 5% OFF
  • Offer 2: Buy 3 for 15% OFF + Free Shipping


Anti-blue light Glasses for Men, women, teens and Kids.

Numbers : Achieved 300% Growth in revenue during the first 6months of pandemic. 

  • 6 months Pre Pandemic GMV : 8M PHP
  • 6 months from the start of Pandemic : 24M PHP

Strategy: Created an offer across all variants that unlocked a higher basket value for audiences.

  • Offer: Buy 2 for 1000php and get free shipping in Metro manila)


Japanese Designed knifes for men

Numbers :  Sold over 50,000 units, generating over 50M php on it’s first 12 months since it’s first launch.

Strategy:  Maximized brand's revenue by combining Paid ads and Offline marketing.

  • Spent over 8M php on paid ads and amplified the result by adding offline sales marketing and reseller’s program that produced almost 28% of the total GMV.
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